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Thick Copper PCB

What are Thick Copper PCBs?

The copper weight of thick Copper PCBs is more than 4oz(140um). It could carry higher current with good thermal distribution. The copper more thicker, the tracing /spacing should be more large.


Automotive industry and electronics industry such as power supply and control systems.

Advanced Capabilities

Layer 2-24
Material FR4 standard Tg 140C,FR4 High Tg 170C
Thickness (Finished Board) 0.6mm-6.5 mm
Max. Board Size 457mm*610mm
Max. Outer Layer Copper Weight (Finished) 15oz
Max. Inner Layer Copper Weight 12oz
Surface Finish HASL -Hot Air Solder Leveling
Lead Free HASL - RoHS
ENIG -Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold - RoHS
Min. Tracing/Spacing Check the following chart
Min. Diameter of Drill 10mil
Min. Annular Ring 6mil
Soldermask Color Green, red, black, yellow, white, blue, green matt, black matt
Silkscreen Legend Color White, Black, Yellow
Gold Fingers Yes
Blind/Buried Vias Yes

Copper Weight And Min. Tracing/Spacing

Material Copper Weight(oz) Min. Tracing/Spacing(mil)
Outer Layer 4 8/12
5 10/14
6 12/16
12 20/32
15 32/40
Inner Layer 4 8/12
5 10/14
6 12/16
12 20/32

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