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  • Complex board sharp is ok for us.

  • Panel board by routing.

  • Blue board with gold fingers.

  • FR4 TG140 material with cutouts in edges and tooling borders with v scoring . ...

  • Different designs in a panel.

Aluminium board

  • Different Metal Core PCBs.

  • Metal Core PCB. ...

  • Long length metal core PCB

  • Metal Core PCB in panel.

  • Long length metal core PCB.

Flex board

  • Different Flex boards.

  • PI only.

  • Flex-Rigid PCB, structure F.

  • Flex-Rigid PCB, structure E.

  • Flex-Rigid PCB, structure D

  • Flex Rigid PCB, structure C

  • Structure B

  • Structure A


  • Laser cut frameless stencil.

  • Laser cut framed stencil.

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